Weave Tech + CS-Cart.

Fully Customizable: Change CS-Cart Multi-Vendor The Way You Want

For those who dream big and are looking for the ecommerce marketplace platform to make it a basement for a unique project, Multi-Vendor is a real catch. It has a 100% open access to the source code which makes it fully customizable. No parts are encrypted and you do not even have to pay extra for getting this much.

Providing an open access to the source code we created detailed tutorials for the developers so that they feel comfortable working with the Multi-Vendor files. Choose the Multi-Vendor ecommerce system and your team will appreciate it.

Set-up the plugin within your store

Start earning margin straightaway by following the steps below.

1. Sign up

Click on the link below to sign up for your Weave Tech API credentials.

Sign up for API
2. Install app

Enable the plugin which can be modified to suit your needs

3. Enter your credentials

Make sure you enter your credentials so we can track your payments

Weave Tech services available on CS-Cart.

Choose a variety of products for your customers

Selling SIM Only.

Sell SIM Only to your current customers.

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